Windows 10: Microsoft tool fixes patch problem

This Microsoft tool to help Windows 10 users, have the problems with the installation of the updates KB3194496.

Update 6.10: repair script from Microsoft for KB3194496 problem

Windows 10 Microsoft tool fixes patch problem

Microsoft has now published the purge script, window 10 activator free download, which is designed to help users who have problems during the installation of the most recent cumulative update KB3194496 for Windows 10. The download of the tools is now a few kilobytes. Some changes to the registry be made after the start of the tool. Then the update KB3194496 can through Windows Update then downloaded again and finally also successfully installed. Microsoft promises anyway.

5.10. Update: Microsoft Announces script Microsoft works with high pressure on the solution to this problem. Microsoft developers are currently doing a script clean up to complete, that should solve the problem with KB3194496 (cumulative update 14393.222). However, Microsoft does not say when the script ready is ready and available for download.

Windows 10 Microsoft tool fixes patch problem.

Update, 4.10.2016: Some users reported problems with the installation of the new cumulative updates KB3194496. These prevent the installation of the update. In the official Microsoft Forum, a solution can be found in the meantime. Therefore, the following workaround should enable the installation of the updates:

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Delete the following directory with admin Rechnten:
[OS drive]: \Windows\System32\Tasks\Microsoft\XblGameSave
Delete the following registry key using Regedit.exe:
Restart the update
Microsoft did not comment yet on the issues. The use of the workarounds is done at your own risk!
Original message from the 30.09.2016

Shortly before the end of the month, Microsoft has begun distribution of a new cumulative update for Windows 10. The specific update in question is named KB3194496 and contains all the updates available for Windows 10 in addition to new updates so far. Provided however, that installed on your computer already Windows anniversary update 10 is the version of Windows 10 1607, so.

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The new cumulative update Microsoft had shipped first before a few days only on the inside of Windows to test. The tests were apparently quickly completed and nothing in the way stands the dissemination to all Windows-10 users. Also the build number of Windows of 10 increases the cumulative update installation. From build 14393.187 build 14393.222.

Which version to use you simply check, where in the search input field next to the Start button winver type and then press ENTER.

The release notes for the update can be found that particularly bugs have been fixed. Also improve the stability, performance, Windows 10 Enterprise product key and Windows 10 according to the developers. There are among other improvements to the components of the Windows Update Agent, Windows kernel, network drives, VPN, HTTP downloads, Internet Explorer 11, Hyper-V, Microsoft edge and multimedia playback.

A bug caused, for example, problems playing files in the transport stream format (. ts). Due to an other bug Movies & TV app no longer ran under certain circumstances on the XBox, when trying to play content that was previously acquired in the Windows store. By another error drives could no longer be sometimes correctly mapped via the command line with admin rights.

Gamers beware: also you can benefit from the update

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For gamers interesting: This update improves also the download and updating of games that are available through the Windows store. Microsoft has recently given the go-ahead for the first play anywhere title. These are games that need to be purchased once and then can be played both on the Xbox one Windows 10. Thereby, also the scores of the cloud are synchronized, and split across both platforms.

The game Stephanie recently began and with Forza horizon 3 one of the best games of the year at all is published this week.