What’s New in Windows 10’s Anniversary Update

Windows 10 is currently Microsoft’s free operating system update, available before July 29th2106, for all supported systems that hold a legitimate license for Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1

In the video below, we explain how to upgrade to Windows 10 using two simple methods, however if you really want to get to grips with this new operating system and discover what it really has to offer, continue reading below.

Windows 10 Download

Windows 10 is an ambitious project from Microsoft which aims to encourage the vast majority of Windows users to update to a supposedly-safer and more-efficient system which has been modernized and adapted to the world where PCs aren’t the only device connected to our home networks. Windows 10 thinks more about the growing number of tactile users who work from everywhere, and who are used to using various devices throughout the day.

Windows is due to receive its biggest update this summer (July, more likely) – exactly a year since the operating system was launched. The update has quite suitably been named the Anniversary Update. These changes (basically the future of windows 10 download free) are explained in this article and video.

Windows 10

Below you will see the most recent list of windows 10 anniversary update improvements

  • -Fixed issues with authentication, update installation, and operating system installation.
  • -Fixed issue with Microsoft Edge browser caching visited URLs while using InPrivate browsing.
  • -Fixed issue that didn’t allow simultaneous install of apps from the Windows Store and updates from Windows Update.
  • -Fixed issue that delayed the availability of songs added to the Groove Music app in Windows 10 Mobile.
  • -Improved security in the Windows kernel.
  • -Fixed security issues that could allow remote code execution when malware is run on a target system.
  • -Fixed security issues in Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer 11 that could allow code from a malicious website to be installed and run on a device.
  • -Fixed additional issues with the Windows UX, Windows 10 Mobile, Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge, and taskbar.
  • -Fixed additional security issues with .NET Framework, Windows Journal, Active Directory Federation Services, NPS Radius Server, kernel-mode drivers, and WebDAV.

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