How to create an installation with windows 10 key?

Windows 10 is not really complicated to install and so just go poke around in Windows Update to update the system and taste at the same time to all its new features. Yes, but it is also possible to create a key or an installation disc using a utility specifically developed for the occasion…

This tool was designed by Microsoft and it is both simple and accessible. Even my Baker could use it, to tell the truth you.

However, if you are not very comfortable with this stuff and you need to be guided, then this article is for you because it will detail the whole procedure step by step.

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And promised, this time, there will be pictures.

Why create a key or an installation disc?

How to create an installation with windows 10 key

But before the heart of the matter, maybe we start by answering this simple question: what’s the point of a key or an installation disc? After all, the migration wizard is damn good then why go for twelve to fourteen?

If you have only one computer, it is sure, the interest is rather limited, but it is quite different if you’re the head of a park composed of several machines. Here, windows 10 pro activation key 64 bit at least, you won’t need to download every time the system and that famous drive will save you valuable time.

Yes, but it also has another use, the Rascal. Thanks to him, you can do a “clean install” of Windows 10 and thus start on a good basis.

But we will probably have the opportunity to talk about this very soon.

How to create a key or an installation disc?

Now that you’re fully convinced of the interest of the thing, it is time to get your hands dirty.

First stick you on a machine where you have installed Windows 10 and then go on this page. Here, you will find yourself facing two purple buttons offering to download the 32-bit version or 64-bit version tool.

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Wait for the download to finish.

When done, launch the tool by clicking on its executable. The application will start and a wizard will then take you by the hand. windows 10 product key 2017

It is based on distinct steps:

What do you do? The tool will ask you if you want to upgrade your machine or if you want to create an installation media for another PC. Click the second options.
Select the language, architecture… It is here that you will be able to choose your edition. Regarding me, I opted for a french Pro 10 Windows in 64 – bit, but everything depends on the computer on which you install the OS.

How to create an installation with windows 10 key.

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Choose the media to use. To choose from, you can create an installation key or an ISO file. If you want to create a disc, then opt for the second option and then through burning software.
Select a drive. Nothing complicated here, just click on the drive you want to use to create your installation key. windows 10 product key 64 bit
Please wait… The utility will start by downloading Windows 10 before creating the key. The procedure may take quite some time and it will be best to arm yourself with patience.
Congratulations, now you have your installation disc and so you will be able to install Windows 10 on all computers of your friends, co-workers, cousins of your colleagues and your neighbours. She is not beautiful life?

Certainly, but note all as you will need the product keys for other computers to be able to complete your quest. And at the same time, you guessed a little, no?

To start, you select the disc type you want to create. If you want to print a DVD, you start by creating an ISO file.

Then, it will choose your edition of Windows 10.

There you will have the choice of media. The first choice corresponds to the USB, the second to the optic disc.

Now, the utility will ask you to choose the drive to use. Home, it was not hard to choose.

And now, it can be more than patience.