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How to downgrade Windows 10 after 30 days: Factory restore
Many laptops and PCs have a hidden partition on the hard drive which contains a copy of the original Windows, programs, drivers and settings which were on your PC when it arrived. Upgrading to windows 10 activator download shouldn’t have affected this, so it should still be intact.

Whether or not you can access it is another matter.Typically you can look out for a message while your computer is starting up, such as “Press F11 for recovery options”. When you press the appropriate key, you should be presented with a menu that will include the option to restore factory settings. For more details, including which keys to press on different laptops, see How to reset a laptop to factory settings (this applies to some PCs as well).


On some computers, you’ll still have a Windows application which allows you to perform a restore by using the manufacturer’s own method. On an Acer Aspire laptop, for example, we found the windows 10 activator download 64 bit which made it simple to go back to the original version of Windows which came in the box.

Performing a restore will wipe the C: drive, so you will lose all your personal files and settings. So you’ll still have to back these up, and you’ll still have plenty of Windows updates and programs to install after the restore is complete. You shouldn’t have to worry about anything not working, since the drivers will be reinstalled. window 10 activator free download, But any hardware you’ve added will have to have the software or drivers reinstalled, such as a printer.

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