100% Working Windows 10 Key Activation


  1. Firstly disable your antivirus to activate your window.
  2. Download software from link given here.
  3. Now extract file from winrar or folder.
  4. Now run the activator.
  5. Single click on activate option.
  6. Now just wait until activation process complete.

Microsoft‘s Windows 10 Key Activation New Major Features:

Windows 10 Product Key Generator Full 64/32 Bit 2015 Free

Download windows 10 product key Improved of Cortana: now can in lock screen Shang displayed Cortana, to convenient user using, as proposed problem, and play music or set reminded, and without solutions lock equipment; can store and out key information, like user most often took of flights or in airport parking of location, user also can joined pictures to makes reminded Visual of, like in restaurant enjoy had of a bottle wine of photos; Cortana can to user across equipment of notification (all carrying Cortana of equipment)– Such as routesharing across devices or from mobile phone gets text messages.

windows 10 product key generator Improved Edge: more energy-efficient, adding plugins (such as Pinterest Pin It button, the Amazon Assistant and the Adblock and LastPass, and Adblock Plus), support for HTML5, CSS3 and ARIA, further improving the page, looks cleaner.
windows 10 product key list 2016 Improve your gaming experience: Xbox Play Anywhere plansbuy game time, in Windows 10 PC and Xbox on One play and shared progress, archived, and achievements all Microsoft Game Studios new release will support Xbox Play Anywhere; this game in Windows 10 and Xbox One joint Windows available on the store, And user can faster to search to game and purchase, and purchase additional part, and reservation, and pre download, and subscription products as Xbox Live Gold members; Xbox One players can through Cortana looking for new game, view online friends, and began party, and completed common task, and through said “Hey Cortana, Xbox On” to started Xbox One; view Xbox One fans requests function rankings; in Xbox One s Shang enjoy Windows 101 years of updates, went on sale this summer, $ 299, 2TB Xbox One s limited edition in August, went on sale, priced at $ 399, it is only supportsHDR game, 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray and video game consoles.